How We Make Custom Gold Name Necklaces

How We Make Custom Gold Name Necklaces

!The Process


Here at LEILA we handcraft each custom piece of jewelry that we create. To make sure each piece is unique and special, we involve the customer at each step along the way. One of our most popular designs is a personalized 18K or 14K gold name necklace; a perfect birthday gift, Christmas gift or Valentine’s Day gift. Whether you are looking for a yellow gold necklace, rose gold necklace or white gold necklace, we offer them all. Follow the story of a client we’ll call “Claire” below to see what it's like to work with professionals at LEILA to design and create beautiful custom made name necklaces.

Claire is a new customer who is looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift to show her mom her love and appreciation. After being referred by a friend she comes to Laser Engraving in LA to purchase a customized name necklace for her mom. Let’s follow her as she works with the professionals at LEILA to create the perfect gift!

Font Selection

Claire works with our jewelry experts to select the perfect font for her customized name necklace. She can select from a number of fonts in our library, including cursive script and classic serif. Claire opts for a soft, sweet cursive that she knows her mom will love.


Gold Selection and Casting

Next, LEILA’s dedicated employees help Claire select the perfect type of gold for her necklace. Here at LEILA we use top tier equipment to cast 24 carat gold with other alloys which means we are able to offer a wide variety of gold colors including yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. Once Claire makes a selection, our crafters cast a gold plate in the perfect shade.

Plate Rolling

This gold plate, which is available in 10K, 14K, or 18K solid gold, will be rolled into a standard thickness of roughly 1.0mm thick. The thickness is customizable, but we recommend 1.0mm due to the ideal finished weight and sleek appearance. Claire chooses this option for the 14K gold necklace she has designed.

Laser Cutting

Next, the professionals at LEILA use our laser cutting machine to custom-cut Claire’s name necklace using the font she picked out earlier. She can’t wait to see the finished product.

Buffing and Finishing and Cleaning

After the machine has completely cut the name pendant from the gold plate, we use our buffing machine to polish the necklace, giving it a shiny and smooth finish. We offer other options too including matte finish, diamond cust, and hand engraved finish. Claire has selected the basic smooth finish. Next, we will use an ultrasonic machine and a steam machine to eliminate any residual polishing wax and make sure the gold name necklace is in perfect shape to head home with Claire.

Going Home

Now the gold name necklace is finished! Claire loves the final product and can’t wait to wrap it up and see her mom’s reaction on Mother’s day. Who knows, maybe she’ll be back for a Father’s Day gift too!

What’s Next?

If you would like to work with the dedicated professionals at LEILA to create a beautiful customized name necklace like Claire’s, contact us to set up an appointment. We can’t wait to work with you to create a memorable and special gift for your loved one! 


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