How to Choose the Right Laser Engraving Services in Los Angeles?

How to Choose the Right Laser Engraving Services in Los Angeles?


Jewelry represents different things to many people. For some it is purely decorative. For others, it can be a status symbol. And for others jewelry is worn as a way to memorialize events and moments in life.

Laser engraving your jewelry is a great way to highlight those reasons. Jewelry engraving gives you the opportunity to put the date of that memory. Or a quote that means something to you. You can even engrave a symbol or logo into your gold jewelry to make it unmistakable.

Some jewelry shops offer engraving as an add-on service while others work with outside services. However, there is a much better way to have laser engraving done to ensure it is done right, specialty shops.

But first, what do we mean when we talk about laser engraving?

What is laser engraving?

Jewelry engraving can be done in a few different ways. Engraving is simply the act of roughing the surface of a material so that a design can be observed in the object. The process has evolved over the years with different technologies and capabilities.

The earliest forms of engraving were called etching. The design was created by using a tool harder than the material to be engraved and scratching away at the surface. This process is done almost exclusively by hand and creates rough but unique pieces.

Rotary engraving is a technique that is essentially the same as etching but it uses a drill bit style instrument in motion to make the process easier. This process is often done by hand, but there are computer tools that can control the bit and create more precise designs.

Laser engraving is the most advanced and accurate technique of engraving and relies heavily on computer technology to create intricate and precise designs with clean edges. The designs come out exactly the way they are programmed in and allow the artist to be as creative and detailed as they want to be.

The other added benefit to laser engraving is that the laser itself can be augmented to meet the needs of the design. So if you need something that has thick bold lines, the laser can be adjusted to a larger diameter. And if you want something that requires thin lines the laser can also be adjusted to a much narrower diameter.

Once the design is programmed in and the laser is set, it’s time to get to work. Laser engraving works by applying extreme heat to the material and vaporizing layer after layer from the surface. As the laser is hitting the surface of the metal it is heating that spot to such high heat that the material in that spot turns into fumes and floats away. The freshly exposed material shines a different color from the surrounding area and that creates a design our eyes can see.

Can you laser engrave jewelry?

Laser engraving is often used on a variety of materials to mark products with unique symbols and numbers for identification. Silicon chips are laser engraved with serial numbers and plastic products are engraved with labels and logos.

Gold engraving is a popular way to customize rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry. Silver, platinum, and other metals can also be laser engraved. By vaporizing away layers of the material in a controlled area beautiful designs can be revealed and created in the jewelry.

Where to get jewelry engraved

Just as jewelry can be purchased from many different sources, so can engraving. It may be offered as an additional service at a jewelry shop. Some pawn shops even offer engraving if you buy the jewelry in their shop. And then there are specialty shops that deal specifically in different types and styles of engraving.

The most obvious choice would be to have it done at the jewelry store when you buy the jewelry. But this is far from the best choice. The reason is because this is a side service they are offering and therefore is a side focus for the business. Not a primary focus.

Employees in a jewelry shop are not as highly trained as they are in a specialty shop. They often use equipment that can be turned on and left alone to get the job done. This results in low quality laser engraving with little complexity or unique qualities. In fact, you will probably get a handful of standard options.

Low quality work can ruin the visual appeal of your jewelry. Cheap lasers don’t provide consistent heating values and the jewelry engraving can come out wavy and discolored. With employees just “setting and forgetting” the piece until the computer is done running the program they often miss when there are issues that come up during the process.

There really is no substitute for well-trained engravers using quality equipment. This is why you should always go to a specialty shop to get your jewelry engraved. The range of options for designs, equipment, and styles is a far cry from the limits of a jewelry shop.

If you are looking for quality laser engraving for your jewelry in the Los Angeles area, then there really is no better place to go than LASER ENGRAVING IN LA. Give us a call today to get a quote on your project and let’s get started.

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